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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Tcl, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Tcl


    Anyone here used uses Activetick datafeed
    They seem like the only with explicit support for linux

    I searched online, but found only one review them
    And their website doesn't inspire much confidence

    Would appreciate if anyone who actively used their datafeed or
    platform can share his opinion on them

  2. I considered them as an alternative to IQFeed, but there's no free trial to test their stuff out before committing money. I would also be interested to hear reviews.
  3. abarzov


    Judging from their name they may have something to do with Opentick.
    There was an affordable datafeed a few years ago. They went out of market.
    ActiveTick C++ documentation is looking good.
    I would be interested too.
  4. abarzov


    I subscribed ActiveTick. They do not provide futures at all.
    They are going to have futures in November - December 2011, but will charge additional $55.
    Canceled subscription the same day.
  5. jcore100


    I've used their feed since March 2011, although not the linux api, but win32 one. I only have good things to say about them, easy api, dependable data stream, fast support - that's all I need.

    I was with IQFeed before, and went through a bunch of pain keeping the data stream going throughout the day. I would get disconnects every 10-15min because they told me that "I had a slow connection" even though I was on uverse with 20+ mbps downstream. With AT, I keep a stream for over a week without seeing a single disconnect. Data starts flowing at 4am with NYSE ARCA, and stops at 8pm, then resumes next morning again.

    If someone needs some pointers on implementing AT's api, pm me.

  6. tfishwick


    Hey, Just wondering if your still using activetick and how it's working for you? I've been trying to contact them but haven't heard back. I'm interested in trying the Java API.
  7. mikbert


    I signed up for an ActiveTick account last week for the sole purpose of downloading tickdata for backtesting. All was going fine for a day until I increased the the number of simultaneous requests. Their website did not say anything about usage caps, so I thought I would see what it could handle... Now, I get error code ATSymbolStatusUnavailable for all historical requests. No word from their tech support as of yet. I'm not sure if they flagged my account for issuing too many requests or if their is a real problem with their system. In any case, if they don't respond to me in the next few days I will be forced to cancel. A shame, because they offer more historical data than others in the same price range.

    The ActiveTick COM interface is buggy as SeattleAlgo pointed out in a very nice post, but they offer several connection choices for you to explore. I am using http requests via their webserver on account of being too lazy to wrap something else for C# or rewrite in C++.

    I also have an IB account, which only goes back ~7mo for 1sec bars. Realistically, you can only download 15sec bars due to their data limitations.