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  1. Hi everyone,

    although I risk of being banned from this forum immediately, I would like to request feedback from this community about a new project of mine.

    I am the maintainer of - the oldest open source trading development framework still under development (yeah! 10 years this year). Our site gets regular hits from EliteTrader - I see it in the referrer.

    As many users complained rightfully about the lack of documentation around ActiveQuant, I have kicked off another project that aims to bring interested developers smoothly into automated trading.

    It is very much alpha, but we ship already a user interface into which people are able to plug in their trading system and run it. As we are now also on working out an introducing broker partnership with some well-known brokers, we are able to include live quotes in a demo account, so that programmers and developers can use their trading system on a paper account with live quotes. At the moment only FX.

    The entire thing is very programmer oriented and less plain-user at the moment, but eventually this is going to change in the future.

    The documentation on how to create a trading system is available at

    ... and BROKERAQ is available at over Java WebStart technology.

    As always, the ActiveQuant framework is an open core library with all source code available. BROKERAQ is approach to create a great, professional grade trading system user interface.

    Would be great to hear some critique and feedback - as devastating as it might be.
  2. So after 10 years you have Alexa 8,839,991 ranking.
  3. Alexa ranking is the least that I care about.

    The more specialized, the lower your Alexa ranking.

    cheers mate
  4. And has 4,324,463.
    SmartQuant has 798,805.
    and eclipsetrader has 2,169,221

    What should this number tell you? Anything relevant about software quality?
  5. It tells me nothing about software quality.

    I have about 10 partners...
    So at most about 10-20 people visit my PRIVATE website...
    And I have an Alexa ranking in the 3,000,000 range.

    But then Deltix is around 1,900,000...
    So maybe Alexa resolution is sub-optimal.

    Trading expertise and software expertise are completely distinct...
    I know because I have professional level expertise in both.

    One in no way magnifies competence in the other...
    So all the software in the world is useless...
    Unless one is an experienced market professional going in.

    Also, competing in the Algorithmic Universe on a low budget = oxymoron.