Actively trading Live Cattle

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Spend905, May 9, 2012.

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    Any other cowboys out there?
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    extremely curious of the views on the forum as it relates to the cattle markets in light of the corn and soybeans.

    I have been reading the news about these crops and some farmers are saying they can't feed their cattle and now this price move in corn, are we going to see more cattle being slaughtered and the prices drop from over supply?

    What is everyones thoughts?
  3. I have never traded cattle futures, BUT....I did raise about 17 calves (minus those that didnt make it) this past year and was happy with the prices early this spring. I think I sold around March.

    Prices drop when feed is up because farmers don't want to pay to keep the cows. If your buying cattle wait for everyone to sell and prices to plummet, they are super cheap! I bought those 17 for under $100 a piece last summer when it was so hot because nobody could keep them alive easily due to the heat. Worked out well.