Active X / VB / DDE / Excel and IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by joe flapjack, May 24, 2002.

  1. Okay,

    I consider myself to be pretty bright but for the life of me I cannot get the Active X / VB for IB down.

    My needs are simple:

    When an order I place is confirmed I want the following to happen:

    -- Immediate Stop order placed (at mathematically derived position, say 5pts from order price)

    -- Initiate Trailing Stop procedure (mathematically derived, for example:

    ..... at (bid > +3 and bid < +5), stop at entr
    ..... at (bid >= +5 and bid < +8), stop at (high - 3)
    ..... at (bid >= +8), stop at (high - 2)
    ..... etc.

    -- I must be able to easily override both the Stop and Trailing Stop procedures.

    -- It must use Esignal data (I guess using DDE).

    -- It must have a "close all" panic button.

    -- Must be able to initial Market as well as Limit orders.

    -- Must be able to modify (hopefully easily) the mathematical parameters for stops, etc.

    Can I beg/borrow/buy this sort of code from someone out there?

    I understand that Active X and VB is "the" thing to use (DDE is a dead-end). Or perhaps C++ or ????

    Thanks for the help -- Have a great holiday.

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    Its not easy...

    I have been attempting to do the same... on and off

    I agree that either VB with API or C++ is the way to go. Forget Excel.

    I am looking into VB script.

    I do know of a programmer that has gotten this done. I'll need to talk to him further. I've been too busy trading.
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    I am thinking the stop and panic procedure can pass parameters ONLY with IB.

    VB w/ active X should work.

    Are you attempting to generate orders with an analytical program?
  4. Fine with passing parameters to IB -- no problem there.

    No, I am not (at this time) trying to generate programmed orders, simply discretionary.