Active Value Investing--new book!

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  1. On behalf of VK, i just finished the book, it has some very unique and actionable ideas---recommended! enjoy, surf

    <i>After a year and half, 2,000 hours of staring at my laptop, and a much receded hairline, my book Active Value Investing (AVI): Making Money in Range-Bound Markets is done!

    Let me quickly tell you about AVI (for an in depth take on the book, here is a link to the preface). AVI has two parts: in part one, I make the argument that there is a very high probability, that over the next dozen years or so the U.S. stock market will be range-bound, going nowhere, similar to what we have observed since 2000. I know, this long-term prediction has a sci-fi feel to it, but over the last 200 years every full blown long-lasting bull market (and we just had a supersized one of those from 1982 to 2000) was followed by a range-bound market that lasted about 15 years. (In the book I explain why this happens time after time).

    Ok, so you are thinking, ‘Why should I care about this book that tells a story that is just going to depress me?’ Ah, but don’t worry or panic. After all, the subtitle of the book is “Making Money in Range-Bound Markets”, and this is the objective of the second (my favorite) part of the book where I’ll provide a very practical, actionable investment guide to investing in range-bound markets.

    If you are a value investor, I won’t try to convert you to a day trader, your investment philosophy won’t have to change, but you’ll just have to tweak your stock analysis and strategy a little to adapt it to range-bound markets. These little adjustments should make a great difference for your returns.

    Though I’ve written this book specifically to address investing in range-bound markets, many concepts I describe should benefit investors in all markets. For instance, I introduce a Quality, Valuation, and Growth framework that is relevant to any market environment.

    What if I am wrong and the range-bound market I described is not in the cards? Every strategy should be evaluated not just on a ‘‘benefit of being right’’ basis, but at least as importantly on a ‘‘cost of being wrong’’ basis. As I describe in depth in Chapter 15, my AVI strategy has the lowest cost of being wrong in comparison to other investment strategies.

    I hope that you will find that AVI is original, practical and enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable: there are only a few traces from my Russian heritage that you’ll find in my Capitalistic Pig’s DNA, they are my Russian accent and sarcasm. As you are probably used to seeing in my articles, there is plenty of sarcasm that is spilled over onto the pages of AVI, which hopefully will make the book fun to read.