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  1. I'm trying to put a group together on skype ( FREE chat client), along with traders from my facebook group (500+ members), if anyone is interested PM me, my handle is big_pipin.

    moderators --> please dont move this thread to chit chat just yet, i think it would get more attention here on "trading" category. thanks.

  2. over 100 views and no one would be interested in a chat room with fellow traders? c'mon now :( . I already got three.
  3. isn't there a "hook up" forum?
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    Sometimes I chat with my dog. Once, I left my house and chatted with a woman at the store. That scared me. Now I order all my food in and tape cash to the door and have them leave it outside.
  5. is this voice or text chat? you say skype so i think voice and then i think gun to my head -> pull trigger
  6. both, it'd be every day from open to close.
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    What do you trade and how many people do you want in the room?
  8. Both successful and experienced yet unsucessful traders know chat rooms are a waste of time except for the fruit who wants everyone to be in his chat room.

  9. If they agree to get into a social reunion, make sure they will pay their restaurant bill.
    Traders may attempt to dine for free, as most are broke
  10. Post or PM me a link to the Facebook group.
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