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    Hi Everyone,

    FXCM's Active Trader Group is offering 10 Live Trading Accounts in exchange for experienced FX traders to test and provide feedback in a live environment using FXCM's Active Trader (Level II) platform.

    Among those who complete the preliminary survey, 10 traders will be selected for a chance to receive a Live trading account with $200 to trade on FXCM's web-based Active Trader platform. The 10 traders selected will be asked to complete a second survey which is aimed to provide both detailed and critical feedback to FXCM. Once the second survey has been completed*, the live trading account will be passed over in full to the trader, including the ability to withdraw any profits and/or the existing account balance.

    If you wish to participate in our preliminary survey, please click the following link

    In order to participate, preliminary surveys must be completed by April 22nd.

    *Note, all Live account applications are subject to screening and final approval by the FXCM New Accounts Department

    Also, FXCM is introducing a web based platform for micro and standard accounts. Beta testing is scheduled to begin tomorrow. If you would like to be included in the beta group, please send an email to and I will include you in the email blast. The web platform has the following advantages over the downloaded platform:

    - No Downloading Required
    - Works on Apple Mac computers
    - Accessible from behind corporate and personal firewalls.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  2. As I believe FXCM is a sponsor, why don't you have ET/FXCM give you that label also? It would give you more credibility, as not everyone may be aware that you are part of them...