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    Could someone who has the February issue tell me if the dynamic breakout system in the System Lab section is an end of day strategy or intra-day? Could you also explain the jist of the strategy?

    I don't get the magazine but check the activetradermag website every month to see the table of contents.
  2. Something like this:

    1. Go long on the open if yesterday's close is higher than the highest high of the lookback period.
    2. Exit by reversing the position.

    I haven't read the whole thing, but from the above rules I would say it's an end of day strategy. The reference chart is Oats, and it has them in the trade from May to October.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you, abishiai.

    I hope they tested the strategy on a bunch of markets and not just Oats!
  4. Yeah, It's just that OATS gives such a pretty picture. :D

    If my scanner was working.... but.

  5. anyone who's got the latest issue of AT.. There's an article on MACD triplethreat. Bierovic recommends a set of parameters other than 12,26,9. He recommends 13,8 something. What is it? Thanks.
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    do yall find this magazine useful? is it a monthly buy for most traders? just wondering what others though about it.
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    Used to get it for free the first two years it came out but now I have to buy it if I'm interested. Did anyone else get a free subscription? Or are you now getting it for free? I guess everyone gets SFO for free. I like Active Trader. It has some good content and some interesting and useful information.
  9. I received it free for awhile with "Compliments of MetaStock" on every issue. When that ran out, I signed up for a subscription.

    It won't make me rich, but I enjoy the trader profiles, news and the broad array of TA it covers. Plus, I like supporting a quality magazine for this industry.

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    The article says 3-8-13 on page 47.

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