Active Trader magazine March 2003

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    does anybody have this issue and can answer my Q if there is article from Deron Wagner regarding relative strength of sectors and trading them intraday ?
  2. Not sure about AT, but the Feb issue of SFO has an artilcle by him called "Navigating Chopy Sideways Markets: Sector Trading ETF's for the Day Trader".

    If you go to the magazine rack and rip out the Feb insert, it's for 6 months free.

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    Here's my sector article, if it's of help, from the Dec 02 issue:

    it would be interesting to read subsequent articles from others, I haven't seen that one, eg that came out a few months later.

    I've found that focusing on the strongest-moving 1-2 sectors (using a dedicated quotebox that shows sector percent change from the open for 4-6 sectors) is helpful.

    I need to expand it to include a sector box for NYSE-dominant sectors too, eg brokers/retail/defense etc.. in addition to the current one I use for nas stocks, w/SOX GIN GSO GHA NBI RLX .. fwiw.

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    OK. I found it there .
    Short-term sector trading with ETFs
    How to trade sector relative strength using exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
    By Deron Wagner

    Can somebody provide to me screenshot of this article ?
  6. Any way to get a 6 month free trial to Active Trader w/o having that insert?
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  8. the 6 month free insert is in Feb SFO sorry about confusion.
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    Every penny counts! :D
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