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Discussion in 'Journals' started by spersky, May 1, 2008.

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    I have been doing really well trading recently, so I decided to post a journal of my picks.

    I mainly trade by technical analysis where I look for great risk/reward trades. My stop is usually the recent 2-3 day high.

    My criteria include the longer term trend/ short term signals including breakouts/ Chart patterns/ MACD. I will almost never violate the longer term trend.

    Current trades in place:

    Long Jul Corn from 599 2/8 Placed 2 days ago

    Short Jul SoyBeans 1271 Placed tonight

    re-entered short June Euro
    ( Been short from 1.5609 yesterday took profits at 1.5422)
    Short June Euro from 1.5439

    Short June gold at 854 tonight (reentered after long term short from 926 to 851)

    I will try my best to answer questions, and post all trades in a timely manner whenever possible. All trades are usually one contract unless I feel very strong about the trade.
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    After jobs report I brought stop on Gold to break even. Stopped out at 854.

    Stop on euro brought to 1.5439
  3. spersky


    I sold second euro at 1.5370