Active Trader / Book Trader in any other software?

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    i am used to trade via Active Trader / Book Trader in TWS and TOS.

    Basically you can click on the ladder and give orders.

    But is this possible in Dastrader, Sterlingtrader or RealTick® EMS? L2 Book can be converted to the ladder view but i can't click on the ask or buy rows to give orders.

    And what do you thinka bout Dastrader, Sterlintrader and RealTick? Which one is the fastest?
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  3. kakao


    Hello Robert, thank you much your fast reply!

    I heard that dastrader's servers are near in NASDAQ servers and that's why Dastrader is the fastest execution software. Is it true? Is there really significant difference between Dastrader, or RealTick?

    And i am checking your link and i've noticed there are two different versions of RealTick. Has the Express version alert function and Pro version doesn't have?
  4. Good question Bit off topic, i always questioned myself why Sterling Trader pro and Reral tick charged $230-350 monthly. what's special about these plateforms (ofcourse i never used them) ? Tradestation used to charges like that until few years ago, and it's free now, as most plateforms are.

    Simple , What makes Traders pay for it ?
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    @TradeTune Hello TradeTune, i noticed that RealTick is 2x more expensive compared to the other platforms but unfortunately i am so much addicted to trade on DOM Ladder, so i am willing to pay for it... But it would relax me if i would now that RealTick has some pros compared to other trading platforms.
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    If you email me directly, not private message, I will give you the list of items that the express version does not have versus the pro version.

  7. Well ... Tradestion has Dom which is called matrix and and also they offer now furtures Plus plaform from Trading Technologies has Dom which is TT_Trader, they offer if free too.
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    We use third-party, professional level software, that the providers charge for, and we pass through the cost. We only offset the cost of the trading platform for LightSpeed Trading with your commissions from the prior month.

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    Why do you have to switch from booktrader? your latency mostly depends on your broker if you are retail
  10. kakao


    I am using since 5-6 months TWS from IBKR and TWS is very slow / laggy for me. Many times charts remain black. There are many complaints posts about this in TWS forum.

    And the IBKR 's customer support is terrible imo. So i want to change my broker and trading software.
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