Active investor gets out the machine gun

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  1. Had been having a break from trading last 3 months, not so much from choice but what I trade (resources) was not offering much in the way of buying opportunities.
    However there was one little other issue, I closed out my ING account early January and opened a SMSF.
    Anyhow, have been laying low, just scanning the horizon looking for prey to knock off with my snipers weapon, instead though, decided to roll out the machine gun and send out a few rounds. Lets see if we are on target. Possibly more to follow and will add and update. These on ASX.
    6 Apr Elite.PNG
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    SMSF "Self Managed Super Funds "
    ps not all of us are from AS
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  3. Will update progress as trades occur.
    On the ASX they have what's called a closing Auction, that is the ASX market closes at 4:00PM Sydney time (EST), but reopens at 4:10PM for a few seconds to clear any overhangs, it allows one to place a final trade after the 4:00PM closing bell and all the buys and sells are averaged out to give a final price at the 4:10PM Auction brief window.
    Today, I observed AJM position was not traveling well during the day, so I waited thru 9 minutes of the Auction period, saw no improvement and subsequently hit the sell button at 9min 30 seconds to dump the AJM position.
    Results below....
    6 Apr Elite.PNG
    Edit: The Mineral Resources and Tawana positions are in a trading halt and are in my scopes to possibly buy once they begin trading.
  4. A murky Winter has desended upon the valley where prey lurk in hiding, but it appears Spring may finally be approaching with hints of a thaw coming.

    Today rattle off more rounds, but the head count quota way not nearly filled enough with still plenty boxes of ammo left sitting idle next to me ready to go.
    The Bears seem to have driven the prey deep down into the abys undergrowth where they continually hide out, perhaps the bulls will shortly let loose and drive them out toward the ridge where I can identify and target.
    Anyway after a time of stalking, spotted, shot and added to the bag on open; MIN $16.993, S32 $3.43, IGO $4.96. (S32 was hit whilst sprinting up the slope, got away on me a bit)
    Will update spreadsheet end of day with closing prices which the market will pay for the kills.
    Remember Elite hunting comrades, identify your targets! Big GameTrophies, not bushwalkers!
  5. Just bought RIO, had to wait a couple of hours to buy as it had leapt away too viscously on open.
    Bought at $76.55 about 10 minutes ago, below the opening price, so satisfied with that.
  6. Elite 11 Apr.PNG
  7. End of the week now for us downunder.
    Bought BUB this morning on open, therefore sitting on 16 positions.
    Results a little better from my last report, but still not good enough, trading/investing conditions atm are tough, but banking on metals to kickstart off a run, Lithium in particular is not getting energized yet.
    I have another 13 positions which I wish to enter, just awaiting signals for metals to begin their pop before I commit 13 Apr Elite.PNG .
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  8. Elite 19 Apr.PNG Today sold CTX. I'm thinking it's a laggard, behaving like a defensive/Utility stock, so dumped to free up money into the future for new better prospects.
    Since last reporting, I have bought IMD, RIO, RSG, SBM, SUL, WHC.
    I'm not going to add further new positions to this journal, reason; it is very rare for me to be 100% flat the market, usually engaged to some degree 365 days a year.
    If I add to the journal, then it will go on forever and I'm not wanting to do this, I prefer to run short journals from time to time, a long journal just becomes a chore, an obligation which doesn't suit my purpose.
    In actual fact when I started this, I had in the Trading section, it was not as an intent at the time to be a journal.
    Will continue journal until all existing positions are sold, if I double or triple down on an existing position, then will add that. Hoping to add more shares in the future to BPT & MIN.
    Anyway results above as per close of trading today. Earlier in the week the journal balance was in the red by a fraction of 1% (portfolio drawdown), but as per typical trading things change in a heartbeat.
    One other minor thing, BUB was bought at 0.825, I had a typo of 0.835 previously, no big deal, 1c, but thought to mention in case someone questions.
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  9. End of the week roundup, tad over two weeks running... Elite 20 Apr.PNG
  10. Today near open sold a bunch of positions. Only holding 2 positions atm. Elite 24 Apr.PNG
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