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  1. I am a Captain currently deployed to Iraq and will not be back until late Spring. I have decided to try the more difficult road and forgo full time MBA school in order to "transition" to Trading.

    My rationale for "skipping" the full time route - already have my MSc in Finance, decent state school, quant emphasis, though not a crazy MFE from Berkeley or anything.

    I want to be a trader, full stop. I don't think an MBA vice the MSF is more valuable in the context of an entry or junior trading position. I will apply to go to NYU at night or Chi/NW if I find employment in Chicago.

    That being said, can anybody help me out? What are my best methods to get to the street if I were starting today and want to be employed by early next summer? I know that the job market is killer right now. I have a pretty solid network and plan to use that to the maximum extent possible.

    If I have to I will go the prop route, but do I stand any chance at BB, Boutique, or even HF? I will do anything to get my foot in the door, assistant or otherwise, as long as I can afford rent.

    Not that it matters for pro level, but I do have 5+ years of experience in equities (probably 2.5 years trading) and 2.5 years in options.

  2. If you have 5000 dollars just about any prop firm will take you in whether you get the right training is any one's guess. If you are trying to join a real prop firm where no capital is needed here are some names of some NY firms, de shaw, jane st, first ny, and schonfeld their pretty hard to get into but since you have a degree you should at least be able to get an interview. Quick tip having a degree won't help you become a good trader but it will help you get into a good firm where they may even pay you a salary. Here's a list for some other firms
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    I don't have another one.