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    I am interested in trading crude oil, heating oil, and gasoline - probably some version of a crack spread. Trying to do a little research at this point.

    I have to show my ignorance here. Which contracts are actively traded? It seems that CL (WTI) is the most active. I get a llittle confused by the other crude contracts and the various heating/fuel oil and gasoline contracts on the various exchanges. If someone could give me some advice, I would appreciate it.
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    I guess that I should mention that I am most interested in contracts that can be traded electronically. Thanks for any help.
  3. Whats your trading experience level?..... and your knowledge of the energy markets?
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    I've traded off and on beginning in 1997 - a few years fulltime, all retail. Initially with a small broker in CA before the internet stuff was readily available, then with an IB account. Initially took outright positions in stocks and evolved to pair/spread trading in stocks and index futures. I've been busy with some other things since 2009, looking at getting back in possibly - probably use an IB account again. Absolutely no experience with energy or commodities.
  5. the highest volume contracts are oil, nat gas, heating oil and gas below are their tickers

    CL, NG, HO, RB

    these are all traded electronically on cme (well nymex which cme bought a few years ago)
  6. NG - Natural Gas is very liquid as well. Unlike with Crude Oil, Natural Gas prices are minimally affected by outside markets.
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    Thanks for the help. So do these look correct for the October contract?

    WTI Crude: ECLV12 ECL - Light, Sweet Crude Oil(Electronic)
    Heating Oil: EHOV12 EHO - Heating Oil(Electronic)
    Gasoline: ERBV12 ERB - Reformulated Gasoline Blendstock (RBOB)(Electronic)
    Natural Gas: ENGV12 ENG - Natural Gas(Electronic)

    When I look at charts, will these all have the same open and close times?

    Should I look at any other exchanges either for reference or possibly to trade?

    Should I look at any other contracts? What about Brent Crude or Gasoil? I'm still a little confused by the various exchanges and contracts.

    Thanks again for the help with these rudimentary questions.
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    Oct energy spread

    I have this data for all CL, HO, RB, (or HU ) contracts back to 1986
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    Nice data base Stoic. Any suggestions on which contracts/spreads to focus on?
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    Here is the spread for RB N v HO N for the past few years.
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