action after the Bailout

Discussion in 'Economics' started by supernaut, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. has anyone besides me noticed that since the Bailout was passed we have gone virtually straight down?


    is it just me who thinks if we repeal the Bailout we rally and rally hard?why not take that $700B and distribute it to the working people of America?

  2. AIG is seperate and apart from the 700B pork bill and is flat out robbery.

    #1. 75B plus another 37.5B that they have already tapped at 70%. 100B and are requesting another $50B.

    #2. We are loaning junkies $165B based on their fraudulent and fictional books and records estimating 1 Trillion in assets.

    #3. If the Lehman CDS sale is any indication... These assets may fetch 10 cents on the dollar in the inevitable fire sale.

    #4. Any responsible party knows when to take the loss... Our government is martingaling this one company/trade and has bet the house.

    #5. Everyone on the other end of any deal will not compromise or settle any debt as they know they will be paid in full via the tax payers and the spigot can not be shut off...

    Letting AIG file for bankruptcy protection would have been best because outside of the toxic assets anything of significant value would have been picked up by another company by now.
  3. Our country is being ROBBED and RAPPED at the same time and we voted yes! Everyone that is financially smart knows the great but always scoffed globalist "financial grid" takedown is at hand. Most are doing what humans do when the going gets tough.....they go into survival mode. The financially smart are systematically securing their assets for whatever events are next. The race is on to convert paper held assets to cash, as no one wants to be the last idiot holding an empty bag.