Acronis and accessing files on a different computer

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  1. I may have a dead computer, but it is backed up using Acronis and an external Seagate drive. I hooked the drive up to another computer, but the files are .tib extensions. Do I need to load Acronis onto this computer to be able to access these files? Acronis documentation is not the best.
    Also in the process of trying to open I forgot to uncheck the "always use this program" box. How do I take that association off. I hate that.
  2. 1. Using Acronis, you probably cannot restore an image to a computer which was produced on a different computer.... unless both computers have the same mobo and BIOS. However, I've read that Macrium has a version which will do this.

    2. Best way to restore an image is to boot from Acronis boot disk.
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    yes you need to either install acronis on that machine or use boot disk(when you initially install acronis-it will offer you to create one.)
    then you can access your backup and restore files(not whole PC)
  8. I am missing something. I created a boot cd, but I can't get to it. Should there be a boot disk on my Seagate drive also? Thanks for your time.
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    you mean-you created boot disk for acronis,but you are unable to load it?
    or you can load it,but can't get to seagate external hd? off course you can't,cause your old PC is not working properly.
    if you installed acronis to new PC-then you can now connect your external seagate to this Pc and restore files that you need using installed acronis(not boot drive).i would place the files then in separate,different directory,better yet-separate partition

    sorry for confusion-but this whole boot setup is not going to work with external hard drive,when it's connected to a messed up PC.
    boot will work only if you have separate hd or separate partition with either back up file(.tib)sitting on it OR acronis secure zone with back up in it. only this way you can use the boot cd to restore backed up drive.

    this is another good reason to keep your backup in acronis secure zone. it's hidden and in most cases viruses can't get there
  10. Are you sure you selected "CD Drive" to be first in the boot sequence? Sounds like you did not... or if you did, you forgot to "save" that choice. Might check that again.

    If you have saved "CD" as 1st boot choice and still can't access, change out the CD drive. If it's STILL a problem, you might have mobo/BIOS issue.

    Your computer should allow you to access a boot CD regardless of any OS drive problems.
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