Acrary is not 100% reliable

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    Now that I've got your attention, I'd firstly like to thank Acrary for his thought provoking posts.
    That said, here are a few links that highlight the importance of questioning authority.


    "You might be interested to know that the SP market starts trending with 30 min. bars. For shorter duration trades, it's better to look for a counter-trending method."

    "The data from 1min. resolution per-bar through 30min. resolution per-bar is primarily in a trending mode."

    "There's way too much opinion being accepted as fact. Believe nothing I've posted. Look into it." bunch&pagenumber=3

    "Actually what I posted was mostly a bunch of nonsense to see if anyone has done the math."
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    i do not thank you for this kind of provoking post. i
    don't appreciate being treated on a trading board as if
    i was in a super market where every product fights for

    what i dislike even more than that is the attitude to
    check someone's post on different boards over many
    years and compare them in order to detect discrepancies.

    strange way "to thank Acrary".
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    I don't have a problem with cross referencing and questioning.
    However, if my post comes across as negatively spirited to the board, my apologies.

    My intention here is purely to highlight the importance of verifying ideas for oneself.

  4. Actually, if you read the last two threads you're listing, that appears to be his intention from those comments. Since imitation is a form of flattery, you are really complementing him...
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  6. Isn't that what system developers are supposed to be?

    You have to be a skeptic. :)
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    What a gyp, I was promised booze and women
  8. acrary was a fool a`dreamer

    his posts are a waste of time

    anyone with half a brain on this site should read posts of Steve46

    he worked as floor broker, knows indices inside and out

    and gives good tips and tricks
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    acrary recanted because he seems to have an extremely great offer from a trading company or IB like 2 years ago. And one of the restrictions is that he cannot post anything relevant to trade analysis on the web. This was on a post somewhere in system development..and thus that thread was closed.

    I read some of the debate about fixed %per trade and did independent investigation and I do believe there is a drag also if a system is 50-50. Some traders also confirm that too. In reality, people don't reset for say every 100 trades (unless they lose their acct) starting a $100000 account. For pure academic purpose, it seems even, but in reality, there is a drag. He also mentioned something somewhere in ET that once you reached a certain level after using fixed amt instead of fix %, traders will need to add on or reduce the trading amt since for $50k is different from $500k. That level is based on the trade stats of your system. I'm not in here for debate to say who's right and who's wrong, maybe it works for you if you do trade. I don't care if people fire back and say I'm wrong or academically proof that there is no drag. But as far as myself, I trade and see there is a drag using fix % in a way.. so did a few other traders whom I know.
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