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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by man, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. man


    ladies and gentlemen

    this is a great day. acrary was the most exciting dramatic story i ever experienced. a pro-trader and millionaire found himself in a frustrating point in his life and started to give to others in order to heal himself. he did not need this board, at least not for getting trading ideas.

    acrary has left and i hope he is so far gone that he will never read this.

    alan, take care. and do not look back ...
  2. A minor loss compared to Jack.
  3. tyrant


    Why the negative tone? Something wrong with his trading?
  4. man


  5. man


    i take that as i funny one ...
  6. I think acrary is or was right when he wrote that the psychological damage of discretionary trading is too large of a price to pay...

  7. Man,
    that link is an old one. After that ac went to work for Connecticut fund and afaik he is still there. All this post trauma disorder turned to be just an old case of " ice in the veins " disorder.
    And one more thing, he is definitely not giving anything away. I asked .
    Sharpe 4-5, why stop there I do 8-9 and I am not bragging about it.
  8. man


    well i do not need anything from him, nor do i want something. and i see a different picture than you do. a very different one.
  9. everybody has an agenda

    you want smthg or you wouldn't have posted here
  10. man


    no. i do not want anything from acrary. if i ever met him in person, i hope we would not talk about trading.
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