“Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group

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  1. http://www.gallup.com/poll/120857/Conservatives-Single-Largest-Ideological-Group.aspx

    PRINCETON, NJ -- Thus far in 2009, 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This represents a slight increase for conservatism in the U.S. since 2008, returning it to a level last seen in 2004. The 21% calling themselves liberal is in line with findings throughout this decade, but is up from the 1990s.
  2. So... all of the Liberals and nearly all of the Moderates voted for the Left? Those are Black race kinds of numbers... hard to believe those percentages..
  3. What kind of conservatives? Fiscal or social conservatives?

    Fiscal conservatism has been absent from the Republican Party since the late 1980s. Bush Sr. marked that change.

    Social conservatism triumphed in the 1990s with the rise of the radical evangelicals... "Born again" Bush further empowered this radical group. One of the good aspects of Obama's rise is that at least the radical evangelicals have lost a lot of political clout.

    Oh I wish fiscal conservatism was back on the rise. What a shame it is that Bush expanded the budget more than another other president... and what a shame it is that he supported TARP.

  4. I would much rather have a religious kook over a freakin' fascist which is the direction BO is going.
  5. I would rather have neither a fascist nor a religious fanatic. A candidate like Ron Paul would've been a great choice.
  6. Well we agree . He can't seem to get traction. If conditions continue to deteriorate there is a good chance the message will catch on. Too many poweful forces allied against him for now.
  7. Maybe one day republicans can wake up and nominate a conservative and take advantage of that demographic instead of trying to please everyone. Last time they ran a real conservative was 25 years ago. Of course, he was also our greatest president.

    Last primary season, conservative voters had very slim pickings. Let's be honest here. Ron Paul has some great ideas but is not really a national politician, plus some of his ideas are wacky. At least he has ideas and principles however. The remainder of the field were either former liberals, liberals masquerading as conservatives, single issue zealots or so weak-kneed they might as well be liberals. The of course there was the guy they nominated, John McCain, who has spent most of his career attacking and backstabbing conservatives. He spent most of the campaign season criticizing his own supporters for pointing out that Obama had a muslim history and was a radical activist. Of course, since he has been elected, obama has taken to bragging aobut his muslim background and is proving to be a radical activist.

    The last thing the republican "establishment", ie the RNC staffers, lobbyists and campaign strategists, want is a real conservative. Too controversial, might want to cut spending which doesn't go down well with lobbying clients. They fought Reagan too. In the end he beat them but was forced to carry the burden of George H. W. Bush as VP. We know how that worked out.

    There's nothing wrong with the republican party that getting behind a true conservative leader won't cure. There are some out there, guys like Gov. Mark Sanford of SC or Gov. Bobby Jindahl of La.
  8. Yep, the sicko media paints him as Tim McVeigh's father and the Dems lap the kool aid up. Republican party doesn't like him either. :(
  9. Don't forget your one and only dept. of Homeland Security labeling him a potential terrorist until they were threatened with legal action by Paul. And withdrew the memo.
  10. Well, when you have the blacks supporting Obama with over 90% of their vote - obviously meaning they voted for his race, not whether he was the best candidate...

    Imagine if McCain had gotten over 90% of the white vote. the blacks would likely be storming on Washington as this being somehow rigged or unfair...

    I have nothing against blacks per se, but this 90%+ vote was not from the heart or head.
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