Acme System Strategy by Aaron Conway

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  1. Hello,
    I’m working on Aaron Conway's Acme code that he wrote in his book:
    Professional Stock trading.

    Whenever I call this function:
    AcmeEntryTargets = False;

    TS says it’s an in valid usage of “False”.

    The problem is that what I’m trying to build has several functions and a signals that all use “False” in this manner. No varibales or inputs are set. Has anyone successfully backtest any of Conway's ideas?

  2. The author's names are Mark Conway and Aaron Behle.

    There are many possible reasons for your problem but the two more likely are:

    1. You saved the function as "Numeric" when it is a "True/False."


    2. You haven't written out the EntryTarget function yet.

    Obviously there are lots of other possible reasons, but these are two possibilities. #1 is most likely the problem.

    Best of luck
  3. maxpi


    I remember the RoadRunner cartoons, the coyote always got things delivered from the Acme company, hope this works out better for you that it ever did for him!!