ACLU taking on a school board...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxpi, May 24, 2008.

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    Black families are suing a school board and the ACLU is doing the legal work.....

    The ACLU can intimidate any school board at any time because they have the funding for a lawsuit and the school boards don't.. but I can turn on the police scanner here in Los Angeles and hear that black males by the carloads are robbing kids of their cellphones and backpacks every single day after school is out... doesn't getting robbed hurt your ability to concentrate in school and losing your backpack could be quite a setback regarding homework.... and the ACLU has been the biggest force maybe of all, in making schools powerless to discipline students that ruin the education process for all the others...... they sure are not interested in doing anything to alleviate gang problems, not a single thing I can think of... ever...

    I hate the ACLU probably more than any political organization on this planet... they can't get people with their world view on any ballot and expect to be elected.. so they use the courts to legislate their communist/weirdo garbage with the intent of destruction of the culture... I really wish people would stop funding them. I heard that a lot of their money comes from Drug Cartel people, go figure, commies will side up with anybody until they get in power then they kill them off...

    I've always thought that if the names and addresses of all the ACLU attorneys were published on the web that they would cease to exist as an organization.... may I live to find out if that is true..... I saw a film clip of some ACLU attorney yelling at people in a courtroom, she was an Orca and absolutely butt ugly, when she jumped to her feet I think there was a seismic event, just knowing that she was unfunded and had people picketing her residence would satisfy me on so many levels.....

    I'm hoping that Obama's presidential bid gets dumped off the back edge of the world, otherwise we will get the courts stacked in favor of the ACLU again..........
  2. hate the ACLU probably more than any political organization on this planet...



    You shouldn't hate something so much, not healthy for ya. I suggest some reading and further understanding of the concepts of the ACLU, not from the mainstream media, maybe Derschowitz or someone familiar with this level of law. Imo, the issues that come up in the news are not really what is important. Think of the issues as the ball in "play" in the game of law vs law.
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    Appeal to experts.. of course..

    They hide behind that do gooder smokescreen... [and boy do they hide, who are they, where are they... complete secrecy like some underground army!! Why are they so secret if they are just doing soooo much gooooooood?], anarchy is all they produce. I had some leftist idiot telling me they are "constitutional constructionists" recently.. lying piece of krap, sure, and their founders are socialists, a quick check on wikipedia will establish that.... Everybody has to have the bucks for attorneys, and it's not really all that difficult after all, to step up to the plate when they sue the local schoolboard and run them right off the back edge of the world... they bring a lot of meritless lawsuits against school boards because they can win by legal bullying, people don't go to court, too much time and money..... and they get paid by the public monies for a lot of their legal work to boot!! We pay them to destroy us!! That slick talking Obama is getting under my skin a good bit, he's a race hustling attorney, no way would he not appoint ACLU hand picked judges.......
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    "I hate the ACLU..."

    Me too.
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    do you really think the aclu is harmfull?
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    The ACLU just bugs me... they can't get their stuff on the ballot, they have to have courts that are friendly to their stuff, and there were appointees from the Roosevelt administration that rubber stamped everything they brought before the court up until very recently.. and awarded them payment for legal services!! If they weren't Marxist idiots that would not bother me that much, some people, most in fact, are lacking when it comes to legal representation... but to let them transform society into their anarchist lunacy, forgetaboutit, it didn't work ANYWHERE on the planet, not for five minutes.. you would think they might figure that out at some point... they are my main reason for not even thinking for 5 seconds [or until my stomach starts churning, whichever comes first] about an Obama vote.......

    probably the ACLU is a tool for different factions, I'm working on heresay here but my guess woulld be types [do they ever get it? Apparently not] and maybe drug cartels [they do get it in spades really] or shadowy overlord types that need to transform the US into European morality so we all get along and have a nice one world government, a prison planet in other words... [there are things they don't get IMO]...... whatever, I'm going to drop politics, for another 4 years... my decision is all made... and I found a gardener/contractor and car repair guy today too so the day wasn't a complete disaster.... there are probably ACLU supporters starting to do satanic rituals to curse my life already so I have to be good for awhile so I don't deserve all the bad stuff :)
  7. actually maxpi is pretty close on this one. anyone notice how the ACLU stood by and watched the State of Texas kidnap 400+ little children last month? oh.. they said they would watch 'with concern'.

    well yippie-ki-yay .. thank you ACLU! sons of bitches. don't delve into the genesis of the ACLU.. it ain't pretty.
  8. LT701


    does it bother you how heavily jewish the aclu is?
  9. Sam321


    What bothers you are all the cockroaches hiding in your kitchen cupboards, and all the goblins hiding in your bedroom closet, because you think they are all jewish.