Ackman vs Icahn: This is Epic !!

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  1. The best thing I have seen on TV since Entourage. LOL!
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    Wow. It's almost as funny as Cramer on John Stewart.

    EDIT: We'll send Max the bill.
  3. sorry to say, for my shorts, it looks like traders are siding with Icahn on this one :(
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    The risk is that he could tender for teh company just to fuk ackman for fun.

    He could tender for 10% of the company $10 higher.
    Spend 500MM, risking $100MM (from current stock price) and cause a crazy short squeeze. Stock could rip as Ackman gets bought in.
  5. From the way he carried on I wouldn't put it past him to do just that, purely out of spite.
    Beating up the little Jewish boys at school?
  6. they are both scum imho. Mr Pink rules!
  7. That was great stuff. Hard to pick a winner.

    Both their lawyers must have been sweating bullets.
  8. surf.. you could clearly tell who was sweating the deal more..

    Ackman was stating that they were wasting cnbc's views time.. isn't that was Cnbc does haha.. no but really he knew he was in a bad place.. even stating that he would be willing to continue the conversation off the air... i mean.. idk i'd go with the deeper pocket Icahn... but you have no clue.. this all could be a big act to generate public participation..

    Icahn basically put it right to Ackman.. if i make a tender off your fu(ked..

    Icahn could have made the bulk of his money on this recent rally and still be able to say he is long because he is only in for free money now.. i always figure whatever they are saying on public television is all manipulation... Icahn might step out of the way.. let it get hammered and then buy the company up cheap.. As a trader i'm sure they both essentially don't care about the company, eachother, or don't care what happens.. only in that they are on the right side of it.. at the end of the day.. its about the Money..

    i do love the name calling, and the pure manipulation of the floor by Icahn.. he keeps saying stop bullying and attacking me.. haha then attacks them..
  9. The reason both had this epic argument is thanks to TACGNOL . I am surprised the SEC never bothers to investigate.

    Once TACGNOL got involved it started Achman and Icahn on this path of destruction since 2003 and it seems things are about to come to a head, with an epic bloodbath to come.
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