Ackman finally exits HLF!!

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  1. Yeah saw that. I guess the bottom line is, don't mix your emotions with your money.
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  2. SteveM


    "This is not a traaaaaade for me.."

  3. RedDuke


    It was not emotion, he started the campaign which he thought would tank the stock and he would cash our handsomely.
  4. ElCubano


    wasn't he in the money for a while until he made it personal/emotional? lol
  5. Pekelo


    Ackman reminds me of people shorting Tesla. You can be right on the fundamentals but that doesn't mean you are going to make money.

    So how much did he lose on the deal?
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  6. vanzandt


    He's long UTX now.
    Hence the bump today.
    .....Followed by the sell-off.
  7. Pekelo


    I will look it up later. But did he keep his own money in his own fund? A mistake I recall...
  8. toc


    HLF exit now is a good one as dip in prices can be possible.

    If it is true that UTX is on his trade now then be ready for a hit to Ackman's fund. UTX would be a decent play at $110-100. Although long shot it can dip further.
  9. JackRab


    Ha... I wonder if Icahn is going to sell now... maybe a good time for a short... up 15% in the last week...

    Surely Icahn is going to sell some of his holdings. He's got 26%?
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