Achieving a 4000% Return In 10 Years

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  1. Thanx for the post.

    I am midway through adventure capitalist. Investment biker was awesome.
  2. The World's Greatest Trader
    Berkshire Hathaway just released a bombshell. The company sold virtually its entire government bond portfolio -- $9 billion worth -- in the first half of 2003, just before the bond market crashed. This isn't the first time the poster child for buy-and-hold has scalped a billion or two from dumb old Mr. Market.
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  4. But at least Mr Market has bulging biceps... :D
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    I admire someone that has the ability to fade strong trending markets as in the case of Jim Rodgers. It definitely takes a certain amount of arrogance/cockiness to place the trade as well as confidence in your beliefs to take the heat.
  6. I don't admire so much if it comes from arrogance/cockiness because it is then due to chance since if the market made exactly the opposite with half of chance he would be blamed for the disaster :D. So I have the same kind of Philosophy than Nassim Taleb on that point : the part of chance should be taken into account (I don't share the same philosophy than Nassim on every point but I do on this one) see this New Yorker's article on him untitled:

    "How Nassim Taleb turned the inevitability of disaster into an investment strategy"

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    I don't think it's arrogance ... it's just that his timeframe is longer than 1 year.

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