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  1. Second time depositing in IBKR using ACH, the US bank account was registered before for my first ACH deposit many years ago. I entered the amount to add from that bank on IBKR account management site, it appeared immediately in IBKR as added.

    I don't need to make a transfer from the bank leg? The amount has not yet been debited from the bank after a 1day, when will it be gone?
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    Give it 24 business hours. ACH is not like a wire. You know this, since you have done it before. Any and all questions about your personal money transfers should be directed to your bank and IBKR, not ET.
  3. Then how can IBKR credit me immediately?
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    It doesn't matter who the bank is...ACH deposits typically take 2 - 3 days to be received. Yet, a few banks out there will do it in 24hrs (1 day) and the few slow pokes out there will do it in 3 - 4 days.

    The debit process is different and your bank should have shown a message about when the debit will occur as you were sending the ACH to your broker.

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    You have found free money. Milk it for all it is worth.

    (The true answer is, your bank is just not displaying the debit yet.) Call your bank for the answer, man.

    If I have to say this for a third time based upon your response, then none of what you are doing actually exists.
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    This is an amazing thread. For every one of these threads with puzzled references to getting money credited immediately, there are hundreds with tantrums over transferred money being tied up for weeks or even months.
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    Back on Feb 14th, 2018, @Baron owed me a sim steak dinner for correctly guessing how many new joins we'd get on the forum, or some such statistic. I have yet to receive it. So yes, sometimes these transfers do take time. :)
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    Yes... I owe you a steak dinner. You just need to travel to Orlando to get it. :D
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    It's your second time. Your account information is already configured on the portal and the relationship with the bank is verified.

    It is a form of goodwill/courtesy deposit from IBKR believing you are good for it.

    Obviously, some enterprising deadbeat will try to get a free ride and comeback to ET to complain. It's already a free ride, so I don't even know what to call it...Fraud?
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    A sim steak dinner. :sneaky:

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