ACF AmeriCredit Corp?????

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  1. Hey, be my guest, go ahead and pump away.
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  2. That's the reason that I am no longer short cof and covered the rest of mine today. I also would rather be much more long weighted, and rather than add long exposure, I'd rather just take away some short exposure and be more flat until the geopolitical risk is marginalized. I'm basically trading the market with a long term short bias, short term neutral to bullish.

    I think that the ceo is wrong, but he knows more than me. Keep in mind that the CFO is a consistent seller. I'll probably wait for the next rally to reshort the stock. Lets see if he adds again at lower prices.
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  3. ACF IS BACK !!!! bought some down at 1.60......
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  4. jester

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    DISCLOSURE: 6,000 ACF long, 3.38 avg.
    bought 4,000 ACF long at 3.02, sold 3.35 = $1320


    What happened to this position you posted on Jan 29th?, still averaging down?

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  5. p2 makes sense on the consumer credit thing. and he seems to know what he's talking about, too.
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  6. I stand by my original post.

    I also think it's near time to short COF. Maybe one more up day will get us up 10% more there. I added a tad to some shorts today near the close, but will get more agressive.

    Keep KRB on your watch list also. Stocks don't go up 30% in 3 days. One more day and I'll pile on that also.
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  7. stopped out at 2.95, lost some cash....
    kept watching it, bought a lot at 1.60 on news, held until 2.50 and sold it, made more cash......
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  8. be careful as its triple witch (quad witch ) and war ( ? ) week
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  9. Figured I would update. I have really piled on in the past few days. These are fund positions.

    Name % of fund avg short basis
    Ag 5.2 16.28
    Cof 3.6 31.31
    Dal 3.1 9.5
    f 5.1 7.5
    KRB 5.3 15.42

    That puts me short 22.3%. I intend to get to about 30%. I'm watching a few other names. Anyone else watching anything else good?

    Of course these are trading positions and I have mental stops. Do your own DD. Just wanted to update my past posts.
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  10. Didn't intend to update this so far. Just got short GM also at 33.79. It is 3.8% of the fund. Keep in mind, this changes fast. Looks like there is the opportunity to risk a very little bit and make a lot on these stocks as the economy continues down.

    Good luck
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