Acer 24" Any good for trading ES?

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  1. Anybody has any experience with the Acer 24" LCD panels. I found one at for a tad over $500 and would like to hear your opinion guys. I Love the 30 incher from HP ad Dell, but hate the price.
    So guys, what do you think?????
  2. Looks nice to me.

    I think monitors are personal preference. I have six 17"'s stacked as I like the separate screens. But if just trading one market and you can set it up how you like, looks like a nice monitor.
  3. I've got two, they are nice.
  4. If you trade the ES with 24" screens, you'll definitely make more money. :)
  5. just make sure you have a video card that can handle the resolution. Going with anything larger than 19" per monitor makes no sense unless you can put a lot more stuff on it, and you can only do that at high resolutions.

    What is the native resolution of that bad boy anyway?
  6. My trading partner has burned up 6 Acer's in the last year. I wouldn't own one if you gave it to me.
  7. nitro


    At hour firm, there are dozens of traders using exactly the acer monitor you link to.

    For my own use, I just ordered this one:

    The thirty inch is a must in certain circumstances, but if you are willing to use two 24" in portrait mode and don't mind the break in the middle of the two screens, that is the way to go until the price of the 30s come down. We also have serveral 30's for special applications. I would have gotten a 30 if it were less than $1K.

  8. I've been happy with the Dell 24. Still waiting for the price drop for the 30, normally happens around January for LCDs.

    Does ACER have a good rep, haven't heard of it.
  9. Thank you for all the answers. I like the monitor for its size and price. There is nothing in 24" for the amount this one can be purchased. Of course I like 30" even more but I cannot justify the price difference.
    What worries me is the graphics card requirement which probably is going to be rather expensive. This monitor's resolution is high: 1920 x 1200 so the card would really have to deliver to keep up at that high of a resolution.

    Thanx to all for input!!!!!! :D :D :D
  10. Unless your current card is complete crap, don't go to expensive with the graphic card. There's no need to buy a $500 ATI, NVIDIA when it's unnecessary.

    My optimal res is 1600 x 1200 and my card supports it, but I just use the default 1024. Your charts will look perfectly fine on this setting and you can actually read the text on your screen, unlike the tiny font on high res.

    The ultra high settings are really for gamers and video editors.
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