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  1. Anyone know of his methods and site? He is out of Canada. One point know the rest..anyone have any good experiences. Like most he has been on paltalk and markets $3000 manuals.....too good to be true...?

    always curious

  2. Couldn't pull up the site by that address. You got a link for it?

    Was thinking it might be TraderBrad, sounds like his MO. :p
  3. sorry about that
  4. traderob


    "This course and mentorship cost is considered very low in price as there is nothing that compares to what is tought at AceTrades. Learn the consensus as its happening and not during pretty after the fact scenarios."

    And from a satisfied relation (I mean student).

    "To Ace Your Trades is to simply understand that it remains between you and your ability to read your chart"
  5. Hey Roberk,

    Would you please post the link to the site? None of the addresses I've tried go anywhere. Thanks. :p
  6. Never mind, I found it.
  7. Last year i spent some time in paltalk and learned quickly its full of recycled huscksters......Ace of Trades is apparently a student of the ultimate con Kingfish...His method is quite simple just keeps poking at enteries with a 1 point stop till he hits a trade....there is 1 born every minute but the 1's from Canada hard to police...Ace amd Trader Brad should share the lube what a pair.....they are bound to have a good day once in a while and then they go for the jugular.....:(
  8. I don't know why anyone would hand over 2 or 3k to any of the con artists. I went to an FX Trainer seminar in Vancouver a few weeks back...I swear the ppl taughting this stuff couldn't pass Accounting 101, yet they are supposely Millionaires over nite with these amazing programs.

  9. As the old say goes, "Those who can't do, charge others ridiculous fees to teach them a method that doesn't work, or else they'd be using it themselves." Well, I kind of paraphrased there, but you get the message.

    Whenever I see one of these sites, I always ask myself "If these people are so good, why are they wasting time doing seminars, when they could be getting RICH trading their system?" The answer they give is usually something like "I like helping people," or "I enjoy teaching," or the best, "I am successful trading, but want to leverage my experience." The only people I would even remotley trust are the ones that are totally up-front about the time and effort needed to succeed as a trader, and the fact that your chances of making it are very slim. Of course, that's not a very effective marketing approach, so you don't see it very often.

    As many experienced traders have posted here before, there is no grail (right, Monty?). Learn a method that works, study the ins and outs of it, and practice it 'til you want to puke.

    Pardon me, while I grab another barf bag. :eek:
  10. Yes I know this fool !!!

    He used to be a Kingfish flunky and he approached me with the concept of marketing his material with him when we meet in Kingfish's room.

    I asked him to send me his material to review and he told me he had to rewrite it because it originally belonged to someone else.

    He tried several different paltalk free rooms but he couldn't give the stuff away ... so he did what every other moron and liar in this business does.

    He put a BIG price tag on it so that unwary suckers would think he really has something of value.

    When will we put an end to these idiots ??????

    There must be some laws put in place to stop this kind of nonsense once and for all. :mad:
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