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  1. I'm interested in investing some money in Ace Investment Strategists' managed futures option program. They look to be doing great things with options. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  2. be very careful. i dont know this company but in general these funds lose more money than they make.
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  4. looks similar to
  5. Their performance is dropping because their model is stagnant and they are trying to compensate with discretion. Put it with Ansbacher and make sure you have a managed account instead of being in a pool.
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    Please explain

  7. Managed Account = transparency, money in your name

    Pool = fund, money in their custodial control
  8. ACE 3.90 2005 YTD

    S&P 500 -1.37%
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    1st post. Most likely SPAM. There was another "newbie" who posted a question in trading a few days ago asking about the guy who runs ACE and wanting "info". FUnny we hear nothing about them for years, then two back to back. Looks like a spamming effort.
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