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  1. Hello,
    I am new here to elitetrader but I have been browsing for a while. Does anyone here trade ACD methods, or know if they are worthwhile to learn?

    I am NOT looking for the holy grail...just another resource.
  2. have you bought marks book yet ?

    do a search on ET ... you will find some posts on it

    ps what is your background in trading as well as in horses ?

  3. balda


    chart of 15min NQ

    red and green are 15 min opening range.
    white is a high/low/close pivot
    blue ACD pivot
  4. I have been trading my own account for 8 months...I do everything...swing trade, position trade, daytrade.

    I made my living through college and 2.5 years after college playing the ponies (as well as sports betting). I switched to trading is it is a more 'admirable' and felt I could avoid the large swings I see in my betting accounts.

    All in all, I still gamble, but not nearly as much as I used to (I only wager about $300 per weekend now, mostly on sports)

    Back to ACD--Does anyone use it, do you like it?