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  1. Please:


  2. What would you do with the A and C values if you had them?

    Would it be fair to assume that you've already mastered all the nuances of the ACD Method, set up your spreadsheet and charts, and are all set to go, except for those values? ;) Either in backtesting, simulation or real mode.

    I'd recommend a course of action along these lines:

    1. First, do all of the above, if you haven't already.

    2. Next, sign up for a free trial subscription, which it sounds like you haven't done yet and may not even be aware of. That will give you access to Mark Fisher's proprietary A and C values. At least for the majors... good luck with those two Euro crosses.

    3. Then compare each value with the daily ATR (Average True Range) for each pair, to compute what % of ATR to use. is one reliable source. Or derive your own, with a simple worksheet within the same Excel spreadsheet you've already created anyway to learn, backtest, practice or trade the ACD Method.

    That will get you started. Continue using those % of ATR values after your trial is over, if you don't subscribe. At some point you'll 1) decide that it's worth it to become a paid subscriber; or 2) continue with your own formulas to derive the A and C values on an ongoing basis; or 3) no longer be using ACD.

  3. Fisher's ACD Opening Range (OR) methodology is much less efficacious when applied to the Forex market is it lacks a definitive opening range.
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    Fisher's ACD Opening Range (OR) methodology is much less efficacious when applied to the Forex market is it lacks a definitive opening range.

    fader, what about the CME euroFX pit opening? i dont trade FX, but I think is a very liquid/volatil market (start at 8:20 am Eastern time-7:20 Central)

    thanks in advance.

    To the original poster:
    Im not sure,but I think you'll need to lopen an account with Fisher clearing firm to be able to get some "data" to really be able to use this system.

    I heard that a lot of the best (and biggest) energy traders in NY use this system one way or another in those NY pits, But I think that all of them clear Through fisher firm. (maybe im wrong)

    BTW: everytime I think in fisher and his crew remind me tony soprano and his crew
    (its a Joke, the guy is the best)

    :D :D :D
  5. I was referring to the Spot market, which rolls over around the world 24/5. Most small traders (on this board) play in that market via bucket shops (FXCM, GAIN, et al).
  6. Did you go to his seminar? The CME opening range is pretty much meaningless. Maybe for the $INDEX, which is base in new york.
  7. No. As mentioned in my first reply above, anyone can get a free trial (or subscribe). I did once. A trial gives you access to all the historical values as well... enough said.

    Does anyone ever bother to do at least a cursory scan -- let alone read -- previous posts anymore?!
  8. Agree.
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    Use it in the weekly time frame.
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