ACD Method

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by sun170, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. sun170


    Is anyone here familiar with Mark Fishers' ACD system. I was wondering if anyone knows the formula and or variables used to calculate "A" and "C" points for different equities, currencies, etc.???

    Any imput would be greatly appreciated

    Happy Trading :)
  2. Neodude


  3. Marks Fishers principles are well founded but one must adapt the ACD to the instrument being traded.

    I perfer Murray or Sklarew

    Two examples(not necessarily prime).
  4. Bsulli


    Curious as to what program you are doing the murrey in?

  5. The program is Wave59, the scripting language is Qscript.

    TS easy can be imported and converted without to much alteration.

    Afterwards one may tailor the functions or indicators to the instrument or time frame that suits you.

    Of course one doesn't want the same weapons everyone else is using so default indicators aren't the best choice for wrangling dollars from the competition.:D