Accurate disclosure of ingredients

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  1. The packaged food products that you buy at the supermarket list the various ingredients in an ordinal manner on the packaging. It is the proper thing to do and is required by law. Assuming you agree that we should all have this form of disclosure in order that we know what we are getting, should not this form of disclosure extend to the television programming that we are exposed to? For example, if a television network refers to certain of its programming as "news," then should not the content of that programming actually be news? And if the content of such "news" programming is not actually news but something entirely different, then is the television network in question not guilty of false advertising? And if it continues this misleading practice then should not its broadcasting license be revoked?
  2. define "news"? protein, fat and carb and Vit C are specifically defined.. so define "news".. i dare you to try :D
  3. Killthesunshine ingredients: methyl indol, C9H9N.
  4. the genius forgot the 'e" :D

    let's see how long it takes her to figure it out
  5. The important thing is that we agree on content.
  6. Non sequitur :D

    i asked a perfectly reasonable question of the OP,, CLARIFY ! :)