Accumulated Losses of Sub Prime Mortgage

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vansmarket, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. vansmarket

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    Does anyone know the accumulated losses of this sub prime mortgage scandal?

    it's more than any losses in the billions of 'real money'.

    imagine what they could have done with the money (billions) and they thought it was risk free investments too instead of burning it in wall street.
  2. vansmarket

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    the sub prime mortgage market is like the stock market..they need new money coming into the market to make up for losses..
  3. gnome


    Bad debt ALWAYS has to be eaten by somebody.

    I'm sure they're hoping to spread the loss write-offs over time to be offset by profits.
  4. vansmarket

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    goldman and the hedge funds made billions before so they should take the losses instead of asking for a handout..

  5. Pfft no one cares about subprime anymore

    that was so 4 months ago
  6. empee


    Its called socialized capitalism.

    Privatize profits, socialize losses.


  7. vansmarket

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    you should care because goldman and the other brokers/banks are also major participants in the stock,option,futures markets too.

  8. gnome


    Which is why our doo-doo will one day be recognized as "deep".
  9. subprime fearmongers have no compelling argument
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