Accumalting FSLR above 45

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  1. "The stock price has been moving in a small consolidation range and is now close to the $47 resistance level. ADX is beginning to move up again and this coincides with the gain in momentum. MACD indicator has moved above its signal line and stochastic chart is still in bullish territory. The short-term uptrend is intact and signals further bullishness on this stock. Buy the stock in dips with tight stop-loss at $40. The stock is a short squeeze candidate."

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  2. nysegop


    Is this a recommendation? I bought this a few days ago and I got negative return. Should I hold? Sell? Any suggestions?
  3. Mysteron


    Without TA:

  4. don't touch solar stocks until their margins stop decreasing !
  5. nysegop


    So I should sell?