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    I searched hi and low but could not find any decent account software which can keep track of stocks, options, futures etc.

    Can someone suggest something other than Quicken or Excel?

    Some basic reporting like profit and loss etc. will be really nice to have.


  2. What brokerage do you use? Most, if not all, brokerage accounts should be able to provide you with that information on their web portal or within their trading software.
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    thanks for the response.

    I have multiple brokerage accounts and since I am a Canadian trader I have multiple currencies involved as well.

    So in order to prepare one single P/L sheet at the end of the year I need something more than what the brokers provide.

    Plus the statements from Brokers may sometimes be full of errors so I want to keep my own accounts for double checking the broker accounts.

    BTW I use IB and TD Waterhouse at this point.

  4. How many trades do you make per year?
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    Captools will do all of that with multi accounts and multi currencies. I have been using it for the last 10 years and would not want to be without it. Captools is used mostly by brokers and clearing firms but Captools also will work for individuals.
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    I am a swing trader and I do about 10 trades a week.

    Captools can do multi currency?
    Does it handle stocks, options, futures etc.?
    Does it update the prices of these securities intraday?
    Can you please give me an idea about how much it will cost?

  7. You mentioned that sometimes the brokers have mistakes on their statements. I assume this means that you want to enter the data yourself rather than import it from their systems?

    I don't have much experience dealing with multiple currencies. What exactly is your requirement for this? Do you just want to be able to apply the latest conversion rate for U.S. dollars to Canadian dollars, and vice versa?

    Perhaps the best way for us to help would be if your could provide an exact list of the requirements that you need from the software, including the price range you're willing to spend. For example, I will input the following data and the following report(s) will be generated. Please list the exact data (columns) that you'd like to use for your data input and for the report output.
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    The best way to read about what all Captools can do is to search "Captools" with Google. The first link is to the Captools' site. There is much to read on their site. The software can handle about any type of transaction you could think of. The software prices are also listed on their site.
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    It does look like it can do everything but $2000 per year for basic license for a starter trader is bit pricey.

    I also checked out TradeMax and a few others but none of them have the features which a trader can use on day to day basis:

    1. keep track of different accounts
    2. keep track of different portofolios
    3. report p/l and update the price intraday
    4. implement stops and alerts
    5. multi currency
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    Have a look at Tiolive. This is the one we have and it is very satisfying.
    You can manage your accounting and your inventory very easily. It generates accounting document for you like the Chart of Accounts and can manage many operations. Moreover, you also run your contacts and customer relationship with it. It is definitively a complete tool!
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