Accounting for Traders

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jmcgraw, Jun 4, 2001.

  1. jmcgraw


    I wondered if anyone knew of any good excel spreadsheets or stand alone program for accounting out there designed with traders in mind?

    Right now I use quicken,(really limited) and I'm starting to create an excel spreadsheet to make things more flexible and feature rich.... But if there is something already out there, why waste the time? ;)

    Thanks for any help...
  2. twabscs


    I use a program called TradeLog, but it just keeps track of buys and sells. Doesn't have a lot of features. I use it because it has an import for IB emails and the requisite Gain/Loss report for the IRS. Each morning I import the IB email. One gripe is that it doesn't show the underlying symbol, strike price, or month on the options. This makes the reports basically worthless for me.

    You can have a look at I think I paid $175.00 for it. I'm a software developer and an also looking for a better way to manage my stock and option positions on a daily basis. I've purchased the API for QFeed and this will provide stock, future, and options realtime data but I'm still working on hooking it up to my tracking program.