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  2. Just a couple of notes. First off, I like Bob Green, and he is very knowledgeable.

    I would question the "why" of setting up C corps (or even S corps) any longer...there are a lot of mis-perceptions about how much money it will "save" you, or how you can write off health insurance and all of that....IMO, generally a bad idea.

    That being said, setting up a corporation can be done for a couple of hundred bucks on the internet...then you simply advise whoever you choose about it.

    (example only:

    Just an opinion.

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    I'm trying to set up a retirement account. I've been told that that's the only way to do it.

    I'm a little bit afraid to set one up on my own. Is this something you could screw up, and would it be difficult and/or expensive to fix?
  4. (Disclaimer this is my personal opinion, not that of Bright Trading, LLC or any Bright family affiliates or members).

    Sorry about the disclaimer.

    Totally simple to set up, pretty hard to screw up, honestly.

    I don't know exactly what you're attempting to do as far a "retirement account" goes...but be real radar pops up when I hear that. I'm not current, but I was in Public Accounting for number of years, and know that more entities = more billable hours and fees.