Accountability: Opportunity Knocks Stocks

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. EMC / ANF / VMware / FLEX

    Folks when the walls were crumbling down there I was spitting out recommendation after recommendation looking like an idiot. I could tell you all doubted Opportunity Knocks series was a good one so lets see how we did.

    EMC looks great: EMC tags nominal new 6 year highs today. Intermediate target now near 24, short term 21.50-22. But with 2.1 bill outstanding ,this is a HEAVY stock... We have a nice $18 3/4 CB Right Place Right Time for EMC no doubt.

    ANF sold 1/2 today at $79 Cost $69 holding the rest for $90.

    VM Ware ridiculous 100 shares sold today at $70 from IPO (I had to count it it's good for the pub!)

    FLEX: A no good nothing of a stock never leaving $11 as I suspected. But we were invested in those huge downdays and two things happened One you didn't get hurt one iota and Two: 2 of our 3 opportunity Knocks Stocks have gone up nicely... all that when people are fleeing to treasuries.
    Cramer likes to say there's always a bull market somewhere... Stoney actually delivers the goods.