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  1. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no pro trader and this thread will be a boring read, but I think if I post every day, no matter what, then it will improve my trading. This is a selfish thread.....sorry. A little background.

    I am a 22 year old discretionary, news driven equity trader with about 18 months of on again, off again trading experience. As of 9-29-09 I have $5,109.87 in my Harmon Trading Account which lets me get around the PDT rule and gives me 4x1 margin, but eats me alive on commissions ($9.99 each way). I will be posting my p/l and I'll include the general trade set up each day. Hopefully this will help me and maybe even another trader, but you'd have to be awful clueless for me to do any good. Good luck everyone.
  2. I apologize for my absence, my mother's house caught on fire last week so I have been trying to help her out. Also had to withdraw $1000 to pay for tile in my new house, so now I'm down to $4,070. Back to trading.

    This morning I went long on RDN at $9.15 with 1000 shares because the stock seems beaten down for no real reason the last few days. My stop was set at $9.10, which was a cent under the day's low. I will try my best not to lose more than $100 on any trade. I exited about a minute later at $9.30 for a $130 profit.
  3. p/l