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  1. how do you get that account value number?
  2. It’s like a Balance Sheet,
    i.e. Total Assets – Total Liabilities = Equity (here called “Total Account Value”)

    TOTAL ASSETS in the account are:
    (currently $1,068.35, an increase of + $904.12 from prior period’s $164.23)

    + Proceeds received when you entered short positions
    (currently $44,573.76, a decrease of - $879.12 from prior period’s $45,452.88 )

    + Stock you hold long
    (currently $44,835.90, an increase of +$565.89 from prior period’s $44,270.01)

    TOTAL LIABILITIES in the account are:
    Your obligation to close out your shorts at some point
    (currently $45,936.00, an increase of +$1,362.24 from prior period’s $44,573.76)

    Currently Total Assets –Total Liabilities = $44,542.01, a decrease of -$771.35 from prior period’s $45,313.36
  3. thanks
    but why would that short proceeds change everyday ? woulnt it be constant after i initiated my short? i initiated my short position 2 weeks ago but that value changes everyday as well as my cash value.
  4. I don't know for sure, so hopefully someone who does will respond, too!
    ... but if it is changing every day then perhaps “Short Balance” is not “Proceeds received when you entered short positions” (as I had suggested previously) but rather a number that is marked-to-market daily?
    In fact, it looks like prior period’s “Short Stock Value” (i.e. $45,936.00 - $1,362.24 = $44,573.76), which will change every day.
    So, each day “Short Balance” is the just prior day’s “Short Stock Value”?
    On days when “Short Balance” falls compared with the prior period, you need less of your account against your shorts, and so your cash (i.e. your account equity not tied up in longs or against shorts) will increase (assuming of course that your longs have not dropped in value as well!).
  5. i only have two positions as shown in the attached screenshot.
    so it is up slightly today.
  6. but why is my account value down today? pls let me know.
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