Account up +46,9% since beginning of 2004

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. 46,9% is maybe not that impressive, but I was mostly long/short neutral in equity and reached this result with lots of trades(Ok, there were some options in Nok), but anyway no big exposure to one side.

    What is your performance so far in 2004?
  2. Of course, if I would always trigger SL, like some professionals in here, I probably wouldn't reach such a result. :D


    Congratulations on your nice return. I hope it was an account with lots of commas. :D
  4. IMHO not enough commas. I suppose I'm a rather small fish in comparison to some sharks in here.
  5. Up 22% here in short term account

    What's your principal amount?
  6. My mom told me, not to talk about money. As mentioned rather fish than shark. :)
  7. That number is meaningless unless we know your account size, number of trades you have made, avg win, and a plethora of other information. I mean about any random fiberoptic, nanotech or small cap internet/semiconductor seems to be up +30-50% or more. You just trade a coupld of those or what exactly.

    I mean what is it a 10K dollar etrade account or have you made around 50% on 100K so far.

    If your gonna start a thread to boast about it atleast give some pertinent details.
  8. I think my account is up less than 1% but that was with absolute zero draw-down :D


  9. im impressed

  10. Correct.
    Your 42% return is irrelevant unless substantiated by the above mentioned criteria.
    Put up the stats or stop your nonsense boasting.
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