Account snapshot false or real?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Franky12, May 7, 2004.

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    Small problem: somebody contacted me saying that he makes good money with trading. He sent some screenshots to me of his platform. Do you think these pics belos are real or false?

    First I thought that he could make such screens by replaying ticks, but then I saw that there was an order # mentioned...
    I don't know it anymore ):

    Can somebody help me further?


    PS: guy went short today at 1107.75 with 8 contr ES.
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    And another pic....
  3. Screen shots of one day's trading aren't good enough. You need many months, and preferably years, of monthly statements. Also, tax records that prove his trading is profitable.
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    Yes samurai, that's true...

    But I would only know if it is true or false.....

  5. Ebo


    Why does it say "DEMO"....
    Who keeps $87 Grand in their futures account?
    The performance bond is $4K at the high end.
    Some accounts only require $500-$1000/C to day trade ES.
    Makes you wonder!
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    There is really no way to tell. Screenshots can easily be manipulated, especially when all you need to do is change a few numbers.
  7. If you are just wondering if the guy is for real then who knows. If he is asking you to back him financially, then he should have no problem sending you his account statements and trading records as well as sending his broker a notarized letter asking them to let your CPA audit his account records.
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    Thats a screen shot of PFG's platform. I'm using it right now. They have a real time simulator available for trial. Looks like a screen shot of the simulator. The simulator creates order #'s as you see.
  9. It´s a DEMO account, this guy will probaly blow out any REAL account within a few weeks.