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    my account reached 700k two months back, which was all time high.
    and for the past two months, it doesn't go anywhere. I win some and lose some, and it stays there.

    the key problem that I can think of is that I become more conservative, and bet smaller than I used to be.

    any other possible reason for this? and what's the solution?
  2. hi,

    i had this problem too. you cant this problem in no book.

    It is only psychological.

    My advice, withdraw the half, and make it back to 700k again, do this for 3 times, then you go further to lets say 1,1M and withdraw about 200k and further to 1,4M and withdraw 300k and so on, thats the best for the mind.

    You must allow yourself to get richer. Thats the point.
    Please go inside yourself and get the same motivation back as you had with trading only with 100k.
    You must to want make money, that must be all you have in your mind.

    You must feel like stallone in rocky, kick the markets ass and take what belongs to you. you ve paid so much pain for all this to be there where you are now. You cant just stop here, nothing can stop you.

    PEACE and good trading:)
  3. Just trade your setups at appropriate size/risk, and completely ignore your account balance, equity curve, recent P&L and so on. All that matters is making sound trades whilst keeping risk below your 'sleeping point'.
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    About two months ago there were some key changes in the dynamics of the markets...specifically involving volatility. Thus, it's possible that your conservative trading that begun about two months ago could be in reaction to those key changes in the dynamics of the markets.

    Psychologically your mind could be saying the following...

    "This is a little spooky...lets just take it easy for awhile and see how the dust settles".

  5. I was having the same problem a month ago or so and then tried trading only every other day and got right back in the groove. This might be because I have a hard time shacking my perma bear bias but it's been working thus far. Not sure what you trade but maybe change instruments and find something that acts different. When ES and CL start to go stale for me I spend a couple days with KC and ZN. Adapt or die Good luck:cool:
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    problem solved today.

    new high made and couldn't be happier.

    solution: focus on doing the right thing and forget the money. and with some luck, obviously.

  7. How long have you been trading? How is it that you find 2 months of stagnancy unreasonable? From the middle of August to the beginning of October was a 7 week span of large swings in the market and only for 3 weeks now has there been any kind of trend or regularity. I didn't do well or grow during that 7 weeks either, but I've been trading long enough to know that market conditions change occasionally and some are harder to trade than others. Just relax and maybe take a vacation. Something will become familiar again eventually. Maybe another 2 months from now you'll take your account over a million with ease.
    If there is a psychological problem in there somewhere it's that you are not quite used to having so much money. A vacation, and staring at the same 700K figure day after day for a few weeks/months will help that too. After a while the risk of seeing 699,999.99 will be less painful than the disgust of seeing the same $700,000.00 that you've been staring at for so long.
  8. Oops, I'm a month late. Congrats on the new high in the account.
  9. I have the same issue. How do you guys do when you reach a level where you start being scared to take a lost, be more focus on the account balance than your trading. How did you manage to overcome this issue, if you ever had to ?
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    I view this as not knowing your method over a long period of time of actually trading and backtesting. If I was to start doing less contracts and reducing size cause of abnormal amount of profitable trades in a row that is outside the mean of the system, I couldn't get the twenty profitable trades in a row that occurs occassionally. What about if your high has been five profitable days in a row, your getting scared to pull the trigger on being successful and making money each day?

    And so what if you have a lose? It is the system's fault, not yours.
    You are just there to push buttons. It is like you are the Captain of a ship, your job to control the ship, you don't know if the engines are going to stop working, you can't be slowing down cause you on a roll, but that doesn't mean you should increase the speed either. Meaning, don't increase size cause you doing well, wait for drawdown to increase size.

    I took myself out of trading long ago, losses occur cause of bad cycles of the method to the Price Action that is happening, each day I walk away happy whether I did ok or outstanding, I am just a Monkey pushing buttons.
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