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    I am now in the process of opening an account with them and have experienced the following:

    1) The first time I tried their demo they sent me a link to their standard quote page. Then when I went through account opening process, i got an email saying "if i had not obtained a firm quote" from them to fill out another form. Question - are they playing a game and will they bait and switch?

    2) Their demo software is different from their actual software. Even the download is different. In the demo I can see quotes for almost all of their contracts (ICE, LIFFE included). When I start using their actual software will they then say that I have to subscribe to futures exchange separatley, a la IB to see the quotes?

    Overall, I seem to get a somewhat 'used car salesman' feeling so far.

    Experiences welcome,
  2. I had no trouble at all with their account opening process. Very easy as it is all electronic unlike some brokers who make you fill out forms by hand. No complaints with them so far but I use them as a backup broker to IB and have not been with them too long.
  3. I just read your remark about the quotes page and was told by the sales rep before signing up with them that they do not charge for overseas exchanges either. I don't really use them for that but this is worth clarifying because they do tell potential clients that they don't charge extra for data overseas.
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    why is demo different
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    try alternative

    globalamp is openecry platform

    account minimum 2000$

    another platforms as CTS t4(direct ,AT (AT) are alsov good
  6. I think it took a whole 15 mins or so to get my accounts opened there.

    Easy process, esp with so much being done online now.
  7. I have OEC through Amp. The live is exactly the same as the demo, only that the live is attached to your money account. You don't pay for anything out side of whatever they quote you on the commissions. I went through Amp because the rates were a little cheaper and the account balance needed to open an account was smaller.