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    I am a chinese trader, i have worked in

    a Prop firm in china. Now, i am planning to

    transfer to another Prop. Can i open an

    account for a second time? If i use my

    personal information to open an account

    again, will my former company know it

    through the stock exchange. thank you.

    whether my personal information will be

    summitted to the stock exchange, or SEC,

    in account openning process? Thanks in

  2. fwiw, some prop firms now operate as Limited Liability Companies. You don't open an account, but instead you purchase a share of the LLC in exchange for them giving you leverage. In this scenario, there is no reporting of personal information to a government authority.
  3. In Canada, no one can stop you from making an honest living by changing who you work for, but some companies do have behind the scenes deals not to hire a trader if they have worked for a previous specific company. In that case i think it depends who you worked for before, and who you work for now. If you worked at swift, which seems likely, you can quit and work anywhere according to canadian law... not sure if this helps you in China.
  4. Your personal information will not be submitted to NY exchanges, NASD nor sec.

    Unless you have a special contract with your prev firm that prevent you to work with other prop firms, you should be able to join another prop firms.
  5. Professional Trading Firms in the U.S. require Series 7 licensing, and yes, a filing with the Exchange is required. Even the (very) rare firm that might allow non-licensed traders, but is an exchange member (like they should be), will require registration.

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    Most firms (except dob bright) outside USA do not submit each individual traders information to an exchange. The y are operating under agency.

    Your previous prop will never know where you are, unless you brag to your friends how much more money you are making and the manager/owner finds out. There is nothing to stop you from going to another company. Lots of other people have done it before. They make you sign a contract that has illegal provisions in it hoping to scare you. That's it, its just used to scare you. Becasue you are young and easy to scare! Most times it cannot be enforced or woudn't make business sense to go after the person.
  7. What exchange member broker dealer prop firm does not require such basic information? I'm really curious about that (I may be missing something here/).

    Don :confused:
  8. Most prop firms in china are not broker dealer, and so no series 7 nor registration is required.
  9. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking prop firms in general, not just the one's in China. Thanks.