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    This is my little journal.
    I will trade a Meta Trader 4 Demo Account with starting deposit of 1.000,- USD.
    I will trade FX + some Futures.

    I will post every trade after it is finished and every change on the account balance value.
    The server time is in New York Time.


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    made trades:
    Gold / USD

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    Account status

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  4. The game is mental... it changes when you go to a real account.

    Even if it's small, $25, $50... it would be better than a demo.

    Good luck though! Just don't turn into a paper billionare... it sets your expectations way out of whack.
  5. Man, this is just a journal of my trades.

    I am a real money trader for over 7 years and make a living of it for over 3 years.

    Allright, thank you.

    I dont need luck.

    PEACE:p :p :p
  6. Why the journal?
  7. Why not?

    I just wanna show the beginners, that it is possible to change a little money into big money.

    But if i am not welcome here, i will stop it.

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    made trades:

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    Account status

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  10. Yes, keep posting, a little motivation is not bad. Thanks
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