According to this article, "i've finally thrown in the towel"???

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    I dont get this logic...Gold drop 7% and these article pop up all over the place that the PM bubble has popped.

    I wonder if Apple took a 7% drop in 1 week would they say that bubble popped. If AAPL went from $350 to $325 in 1 week(like it did a month ago) would they say that the "Appleheads" finally admit that the stock was overpriced?
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    Maybe somewhat short term bearish, since I have seen more bullish articles like the WSJ [5-7-11] with the retired sand state mortgage banker sure silver goes to $ 100:D ...Same article Mr Soros sold his silver & gold recently/big sell ,perhaps??

    Personally i like that Rich ''turtle'' Dennis trend test. I am talking abou the top trader interview, Jack Schwager,Something like, if Rich Dennis is selling GS, C,selling silver & gold, would you be a seller of GS,C , silver & gold ?????[I got this one wrong, first time i read it,partial disclosure,LOL]

    The profitable/correct answer, according to Rich is if your trend research says sell GS, C & buy silver & gold, you do that.You dont do what Mr Soros or Rich Dennis does.

    :D One reason why many hate tech analysis/200dma , is C did a stock split;
    really its about $4.44[not 44.44] & downtrending.................................