According to the Trilateral "there is too much democracy"

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  1. For a global view of the why so much mess in the world you can order a document direct from the trilateral (founded by Rockfeller) whose existence has long been considered as pure conspiracy for the mass public but now it doesn't hide anymore. In fact seeing the denial of people in front of facts I think they don't even need to hide haha !

    "8. The Crisis of Democracy
    New York University Press (© 1975)
    Michel Crozier, Samuel P. Huntington and Joji Watanuki
    ISBN: 0-8147-1305-3
    220 pp./paper/$15.00 plus S&H
    Out of print
    To order (photocopy)"

    This document says textually that there is "TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY" and concludes that this too much freedom of Press, Unviersities, Politicians and People must be reversed ! How do they do that imagine ...
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