according to IB, I'm the RICHEST person in the world

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  1. go ahead, peek at my p/l shot and burst into tears realizing how poor u r
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    i warn you people about it long time ago..looks like there is only two of us,who actually trade with IB

    today all this shit create ROYEAL MESS on my accounts. good news-Dav from IB is working really hard on this and i'm trying to help him as well. some one has to stop this upgrade madness once and for all.
    bad news for me-i spend more time with IB,reporting all this mess and trying to find some ways around on my side and it take most of my time. i have no time for new systems and very little for trading. it's really feels like i'm doing somebody's full time job, without being paid for it.
  3. yeah....please no more new features........kill the bugs........and make sure existing features work this for at least 6 months
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    Bernanke & Geithner want to talk to you for a loan. :D
  5. They must have given you Jack Hershey's statement by mistake.
  6. Bob111, you're absolutely right, the "upgrade madness" has to stop.

    It's seriously undermining any trust in the reliability of the platform.

    Please, IB: Suspend implementation of new features for at least 6-12 month and work exclusively on the existing bugs and glitches.
  7. Bob111

    Bob111 i suppose to trade today?


    restart does help, but only for few minutes. then-everything goes back to this mess above. looks like avg price is messed up...along with Qty
  8. It's probably not TWS which only displays the data...
    It's more likely some back office problem at IB...
    Or as they would just totally lie about it...
    "An issue with the exchange NYSE".

    IB's overall TWS strategy is completely brain dead...
    They need to have a stripped down version of TWS that is ultra-simple and ultra-stable...
    And then if people want bloatware...
    An "advanced" version with 1,000,000 features.

    But this is common sense... therefore impossible.
  9. Bob111


    what exchange have to do with this?
    i have all over the place,regardless to exchange. what a bull, from another clueless IB CS...
    it's a simple values in those columns that are messed up. and as you can see from my previous posts-it's been going on for a while..
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    Same problems. Hadn't had an issue in over a year with older platform. Now having issues almost daily.
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